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Themed Reading List II

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Adam Elkus

Topic: Soviet Operational Art and Theory

The Soviets exerted a large influence on the development of operational art–the bridge between tactics and strategy. It’s preferable to read Soviet military theory as a primary source, despite the turgid English translations and the Orwellian language involved.

1. V. Y. Savkin, The Basic Principles of Operational Art and Tactics–A Soviet View.

2. V.G. Reznichenko, Tactics: A Soviet View.

3. Aleksandr Svechin, Strategy.

4. V. Triandfillov. The Nature and Operations of Modern Armies.

5. Patrick J. Porter (ed),  Soviet Strategic Deception.

6. David Glantz, Soviet Military Operational Art: In Pursuit Of Deep Battle.

7. Glantz, The Military Strategy of the Soviet Union: A History.

Written by Adam Elkus

October 16, 2008 at 11:22 pm

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