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Question About Thomas Mann

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One way I have accumulated a large library is buying opportunistically at thrift stores, yard sales, bargain tables, library sales, etc. Some of this purchasing has been of books I know to be good and which I know I want. Other purchases have been more speculative.

One example is the novels of Thomas Mann. He is well-regarded, and based on things I have read, I think I will like his writing.

I own five of his novels, but I have not yet read any of them. Four of them I got when I saw a copy either for free or nearly so. These are sitting on my shelf: Buddenbrooks, The Holy Sinner, Doktor Faustus and The Magic Mountain. My brother in law gave us a copy of Felix Krull, Confidence Man.

Does anyone have an opinion about (1) the value of Thomas Mann generally, or (2) which of these five is the best one to read?

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November 1, 2008 at 5:46 pm

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