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Off Topic Review: Eagle Eye

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Pacer 521

As October looms ahead, we can only prepare for the great month of quality movies ahead of us. But, to celebrate the late season of blockbusters, I had to go back to the basics and see the much-hyped Shia LaBeouf in “Eagle Eye.”

And essentially, I was very surprised. The movie was very good. It wasn’t great in any respect, but one must concede that regardless of your moviegoer credentials, everyone likes a good action movie. And Eagle Eye was no exception. It had a great plot, with a normal few flaws that could be noticed if analyzed. But what really strikes me about it is that it had all the great ingredients to satisfy the viewer. As a political “strategist,” my job is to look outside the box, and in some cases, behind it to find what really fueled the fire.

And here it was mostly the timing. After watching this movie, you were satisfied mostly because its genre has been a rarity since the close of the summer. And between this time, the average watcher has been forced to see their share of horror and documentary films. Not that this stint of change is necessarily bad, but it was a sort of refreshment to see another expensive action movie stocked with everyone’s favorite overpaid and huggable cast. It was a change refreshing you from your dull job, workload, or in my case – 7th grade math class.

The second effect that made this movie good in my opinion is that Shia LaBeouf was in it. To make it clear, I really don’t like the guy. But in this case, he made the movie work. And although I do hate to say this and probably never will again, LaBeouf was the one and only person for this movie. Why?

I sat through him in Transformers. He is now to me what he essentially is to everyone else – innocent and worth rooting for if placed in a good plot. And in this movie, everything came together. The timing was so correct that if you enjoy LaBeouf or not, we needed him. We needed to see a blockbuster, and we did. It just happened to have a good plot, and although it was similar to Live Free or Die Hard, it had the right main characters.

My point? Eagle Eye isn’t good enough that you’ll be showing it to your grandkids. Far from it. But with work, (in my case) school, and negative politics, its not a bad refreshment.

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October 18, 2008 at 3:32 am

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